Aeron and the Wrekin Border

Village of Hommlet Session #9

So that's what roleplaying feels like... let's just kill stuff

The intrepid party returned to the village of Hommlet. The fighter needed healing and the corsair needed a stiff drink after nearly drowning. Usefully, a fortnight has passed in the blink of an eye and the Bladedancer (you remember the Bladedancer, don’t you), has recovered from her serious eye wound. Now sporting an idiosyncratic half mask to cover her disfigurement, she has been watching goings on in the village.

Our anti-heroes spotted some mysterious mounted figures watching the village from a nearby slope before being noticed themselves, but the party were spotted in turn and the two watchers simply withdrew.

In the village, a heated debate was raging in the Meeting Hall. A druid of the Auld Faith had been discovered in a nearby grove. He has been conspiring with the hobgoblins of Deva and the Druidic Sect of Delamere to subvert the good people of Hommlet and lead them astray from the path of Law. Under Canon law, he was put to the question and revealed that hobgoblin forces were already on the way. The village council then sent to the Duke in Rixham for aid and he has promised a company of knights and the King’s Justice to help deter or defeat the hobgoblins and to escort the druid into Church custody at St Elwy.

Our heroes put a spanner in the works by dramatically tossing the severed head of a bugbear down the aisle towards the hall’s head table. Declaring that bandits and hobgoblins were not the village’s only problem the party offered to clear out the nearby sinkhole of chaos in return for a small fee. The fee was eventually agreed and the party went off to the Inn of the Welcome Wench to be feted as the heroes they most certainly are #irony.

At the Inn the players were approached by Furnok of Ferd. Furnok, it turns out, is not just some itinerant gambler fleecing customers passing through the village, but is in fact some sort of capo in the local Thieves’ Guild. He makes the party an offer they cannot refuse when recruiting Alex Dai, and later makes them an offer they do refuse to eliminate Lord Burne from any forthcoming altercation. The timescales, and more importantly the risks, are insurmountable and the party regrettably turn down a reward of several thousand gold pieces.

In the end our brave band return to the cellars beneath the moat house, recover the gnoll war party who were mauled by some controlled undead in an overnight encounter, and head to the only part of the dungeon complex they have not yet reconnoitred. After a brief encounter with a solitary bugbear, who ran off desperately trying to raise the alarum, the party came to the entrance to the unknown part of the dungeon. Behind the door was…

Some prepared cultist warriors, forming a small shield wall with crossbow back up. A skirmish ensues where the withering fire of the party and a couple of reckless charges deal with the obstruction. However, an out of sight warrior escaped up the passage to prepare the cultist’s defences. Using a cunning disguise, (GM note: remember to check if corsair caught anything nasty from smearing cultist blood on his hands and face), the corsair checked beyond the second dogleg in the corridor only to discover practically a battalion of cultists preparing to receive the party. The corsair relayed this back to the party. Alex Dai and the corsair set up as look outs on each corner, which gave the heroes the chance they needed to spot the EHP and some minions coming down the corridor. Spells were cast, arrows were fired and long story short, the EHP took a couple of hits, one of the minions was peppered with arrows and the fighter was charmed into the service of the Cult of Elemental Evil.

Dun, dun daaa! Tune in next time adventure fiends. Same ACKS time, same ACKS channel for the further adventure of the army of Chaotic Incompetency.


Not liking the odds of the party surviving this one, two at least 5th level Clerics, a high level fighter and a small army of cultists against a majority of 1st level characters and some Knolls. I think the only option is to take out the leadership (easier said than done) and replace it with us. No matter what happens, I think it’s gonna end badly for some of us

Village of Hommlet Session #9

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