Aeron and the Wrekin Border

Burial Mound of Maedredhor Session #2

Tell you what, let’s go back to the original plan…

The Blades had taken the short journey to reach the ruins of the Takron Galtos prison. A cautious investigation of the south wall revealed an open courtyard on the other side of a wall in pretty poor repair. Entering and looking around the party disturbed four giant rhagodessa. The party were easily up to the task and dealt with the misshapen arachnids in less than a minute. The rhagodessa nest proved to be disappointingly empty of treasure and even more disappointingly full of rhagodessa leavings, but the Blades pressed through, kicked open a jammed oaken door and started up a corridor that appeared to be on the outside eastern wall of the prison complex.
Some fifteen or twenty minutes of carefully traversing the corridor led to a small room with multiple exits. While doing Ashen Blades stuff to the doors (randomly listening, trap checking and kicking in) a loud buzzing, as if of large flying insects was heard. The kicked-in door was quickly jammed back into place and the Nightblade peered through a crack to identify the source. A swam of enormous carnivorous flies had followed the party up the corridor and were now angrily buzzing outside the tiny room, keen for a tasty lunch of human with a smattering of demi-human to taste. The party chose not to entice the insects and pushed on intending to explore the outer areas of the prison before breaking for the inside.
The Blades entered a smaller slightly overgrown courtyard that may have once been the eastern gate but was now entirely open to the elements. The Nightblade and Corsair headed outside properly to get a feel for the outside walls intending to use this information to help decide on course of action while inside the prison. The actions of the Blades in investigating the area disturbed a pair of burrowing ankhegs, which travelled underground like a scene from Tremors, straight past the Nightblade and Corsair. They came up inside the courtyard surprising the Bladedancer and Spellsword. The Bladedancer narrowly avoided the cruel mandibles of one of the beasts but the other closed its mandibles firmly around the legs of the Spellsword, crushing his armour with tremendous strength. The creatures were quickly set upon by the remaining members of the party and dispatched before the Spellsword could be turned into a squishy, edible mess by the acidic digestive juices. Grievously wounded, the Spellsword needed the ministrations of the Craftpriest to heal some of the damage.
The party continued with the plan of moving up the eastern wall and the next room contained three recently deceased bodies. A combination of medical and theological knowledge identified the cause of death as most likely energy drain. The Blades took the precaution of decapitating the bodies before stealing anything they could from the remains.
As they continued out of the room, a noticeable drop in temperature could be perceived. According to the Bladedancer, this indicated a forsaken place, a sinkhole of Chaos. The Blades took up a defensive formation, while the nearest door was checked and kicked-in. The dungeon bashing failed but disturbed the Spectre on the other side, which came through the door and travelled insubstantially through the Corsair, chilling him to the bone and inflicting an energy drain. The Anti-paladin bravely stood his ground hoping his newly discovered magical sword would have a significant effect. The Bladedancer and Craftpriest tried to rebuke the foul creature but failed. The rest of the party broke and ran for the outside hoping that the Spectre was tied to the grounds of the prison or would be debilitated by the sunlight in the courtyard.
The Anti-paladin got in a solid hit, but as the rest of the Blades abandoned him to his fate, he recognised that discretion was the better part of valour and he undertook a fighting withdrawal to allow himself to escape. The Spectre clawed insubstantially at the Anti-paladin but failed to make contact not once, but twice. The party escaped the confines of the prison and decided as a group that discretion should win out. Consoling, and then murdering, the mad priest who had led them to Takron Galtos, they cut for the Castellan’s Keep and some required rest and recuperation.
Having healed and rested, the party then returned to their original expedition, setting out once more for the Burial place of the dead elf. Barely out of sight of the Castellan’s Keep, the party came across a warband of ogres travelling north-west at some pace. The ogre’s failed to notice the Blades and so the party opted not to parlay or engage them.
The Blades travelled on to Deerbye, where the Anti-paladin had to be restrained from taking revenge on the man who had once humiliated him in a bar brawl. As the Anti-paladin’s plan involved hunting down the bar patrons, barman and then burning down the Church of the Auld Faith, the party decided to dissuade him. Although efforts were made to secure a guide or some hirelings, no-one would volunteer, so the Blades set out once more following the River Derwent into the depths of the Sherwood Forest.
As they were searching out a likely spot to camp near the river bank, a pack of wolves attacked. Although a couple of horses were wounded (and their riders thrown), a Sleep spell and some deft sword work quickly reduced the pack to a lone wolf that ran off into the undergrowth. Setting up camp led to no further encounters or troubles through the night and the Blades got a deserved night’s rest.
Morning dawned and the party rose intending to strike for the hills. With the Nightblade navigating the Blades set off. But, barely two hours from the river but still deep in the forest the Blades came across a large warband of orcs. A swift headcount identified at least five dozen warriors. Weighing up their options, the party opted to prepare for an all out attack…



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