Aeron and the Wrekin Border

Burial Mound of Maedredhor Session #1

... or let's do the Castellan's Keep and some prison ruins instead

The Ashen Blades had completed their preparations for a long journey east towards Nottenham. The fragmentary clues on the treasure map suggested a trip north of Sherwood Forest into the hills on the edge of Peacsaete. Travelling through the well-worn trails of the Wyre Forest the Blades were barely three days into their journey when they encountered a patrol of beastmen wolf riders from the Castellan’s Keep. A short parley avoids any unpleasantness and the party opts to spend the evening in the Castellan’s Keep.
Asking around for “rumours” at the tavern bar the band discover that the Castellan is away (they knew that), he was accompanied by his witch, but his sorcerer was off on some other quest. Details were sketchy and before more could be learned, three goblin mercenaries approached the Dwarven Craftpriest while he was drinking the rat’s piss that passed for ale in these parts. One of the goblins uttered the dire threat “Hey, you” and was instantly slain by a Choking Grip from the Spellsword. The whole thing degenerated rapidly from there. The Bladedancer used quiet magic to cast Darkness, the Anti-Paladin went berserk and the Craftpriest decided that he would “save the goblins from the Anti-Paladin”, by killing as many of them as he could. The Spellsword, Bladedancer, swashbuckling Fighter and Nightblade took advantage of the magical darkness to locate safety, although for the Fighter that was in the rafters with a bottle of the bar’s finest rot-gut. Meanwhile, the Anti-Paladin was having the time of his life. Cleaving with wild abandon he left a trail of two goblins, two orcs, seven mercenaries and the barman in his wake. Barely a minute into the fracas and the Castellan’s guard arrived. Recognising magic when they saw it they sent for help from the Inner Keep. Five of the Castellan’s ruinguard and seven of the Temple’s anti-paladins turned up to clean up the mess. A Dispel Magic and the threat of the Black Lore quickly quietened the already surrendering bar room.
The consequences of the Anti-Paladin’s actions caught up with him. Having grievously wounded the barman, who subsequently required the ministrations of the Nightblade and the priests of the Temple of Asmodeus, the Anti-Paladin was made to face the Temple inquisition. His impassioned speech saved him from a vicious fate but still did not go down well. Killing a significant proportion of the remaining soldiery of the Keep did not wear well. Casting a Geas, the High Priest inculcated a pressing need to return the most powerful magic item located in the Burial Mound of Maedredhor to the Temple at the Castellan’s Keep.
Meanwhile, the Bladedancer used her feminine wiles and a little divine magic (Fellowship) to befriend a crazed man the Blades remembered vaguely from a previous visit. The man was pleading for the Bladedancer’s help. According to his ranting, his boys had been killed and somebody needed to help him. The Craftpriest used his recently acquired Medallion of ESP to read some backstory straight from the mendicant’s mind. He was a cleric and had led a party to a ruined prison complex not far from the Keep. Undead creatures of various descriptions had assailed the group. They had fought bravely to a location deep within the prison where some shadowy creature of the Netherworld had slaughtered the rest of his party. The cleric’s mind had broken and he had fled in terror. He had ever since been begging at the Castellan’s Keep. In keeping with the Blades goldfish like attention span, the expedition was quickly abandoned and they set out for the Prison of Takron Galtos instead…



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