King David, first of that name and blessed in the Law, rules all of Aeron as a single kingdom. He has brought relative peace to Western Treyine and with peace comes stability. Trade, justice, the beneficence of Law and security are all growing under the King’s nobles.

The same cannot be said for the lands across the Dee. Warlords, petty and powerful, rule personal domains as kings above the Law. Ordinary people suffer beneath tyranny, chthonic worship or supernatural evil.

Five years ago, David Amynedd was little more than a warlord, with dreams of right and justice for all. A chance meeting with a mage called Carwyn and a warrior called Aegard led him on a path to unifying the divided people of Aeron and becoming a king. Adventuring across southern Treyine and onto the continent, David comes back with renewed hope. Learning from King Aldfric of Cambrensia the power of knowledge and learning and from the Great King Garivald that military might should be tempered with honour and justice, David becomes a great leader.

Two hundred years ago the degenerate Tropiline Empire, beset on all sides by beastmen hordes and barbarian tribes, withdraws its legions from Treyine. The power vacuum left behind, as well as the hobgoblin legions, result in chaos. Might becomes right, strength becomes law and justice exists only as dream of clerics and philosophers. Petty warlords rule personal domains as kings and emperors, while ordinary people suffer.

Eight hundred years ago, the Tropiline Empire arrives on the shores of the Treyine Isles. Using a mixture of warfare, bribery and diplomacy, all of Treyine south of Riata falls within the Empire. Petty wars end and trade, of goods and ideas, is shared with the continent. Only the esoteric mystics of the shadowed isle, Ynys Mon remain outside the Empire.

Three thousand years ago, an empire of evil sorcerers, warlocks and mages collapses in on itself. The chthonic practices and Black Lore that characterise the society of the Fomorians, leads to each sorcerer claiming his own superiority. Each becomes a god or an emperor in his own mind. The internecine warfare lasts centuries and creates sinkholes of evil and chaos across Treyine. Ultimately, the Fomorians retreat from Treyine to the island of Airlenn.

Five thousand years ago, the Sidhe depart for the far west. The Sidhe had forced back chaos and entropy. They had defeated primordial evil and allowed the rise of man and the other races. Their work with the elves, dwarves and mannish peoples completed, the Sidhe themselves believed their time had come and left behind what they supposed to be a golden age. They were wrong. The Fomorians, a mannish people desperate to match the power of the Sidhe, whether from greed, ambition or jealousy, develop the Black Lore which will corrupt mages and warlocks for millennia to come.


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