Deeside is the county town of Deeside in the Cantref of Clwyd.
Deeside is overseen by Baron Buckerley’s constable, Sir Stefan Oates. The village has a thriving quay, with a number of fishing boats, portage to Mosstynn and a ferry to Nesttun. The village is also where smelting of ore purchased from the dwarfs of the Dumezil clan takes place. As such the village is well guarded.

Guild of Merchants

A growing proposition in the Barony. The guild consists of three families from Deeside and two from High Hill. Between them they are trying to tie up the trade through the Barony, particularly the trade with the dwarves, the porters of Mosstynn and the caravans that travel north from Rixham (most of which are owned or managed by guild members)

Persons of Note


Blushing Oyster Tavern

A good place for a drink, some conversation and some entertainment. The Blushing Oyster is above average in terms of cleanliness and has fairly priced drinks. There are beers and meads, a strong cider, an imported red wine and a couple of “fruit based” spirits. The bartender, Thomes, is a tired man in late middle-age. There is a bard who sings and entertains every evening. There is no food or lodging.

River’s End Inn

A very clean comfortable inn. The innkeeper, Tjorne Hagbasson, is a Northman married to a local woman. Their two sons and two daughters form the rest of the staff. There are various sized rooms available and stabling for pack or riding animals.
Drinks are varied with various ales, beers and meads, a refreshing cider, some imported red wine, a fortified wine (port) and a northerner spirit similar to whisky. The menu is varied and fresh bread and vegetables are always available.

Merchant’s Guildhall

The Guildhall is a meeting place, a job shop, a lodging house and a bank all rolled into one.


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