Aeron and the Wrekin Border

Castellan’s Keep Session #3

A very expensive fixer-upper…

The party delivered the Castellan’s demands to the Deva Legion command in Hommlet. After nearly a day they were tasked with returning once more through the Wyre Forest to the Keep. This time they would deliver the Legatus’ acquiescence to the Castellan’s commands and return to Hommlet with an itinerary.
In the event the trip was largely uneventful. Travelling by newly acquired legion horses, they made it to the Wyre Forest, where again some ogres were encountered. This time only two of the creatures were carefully observing the party. A parley was short and reasonably diplomatic with the ogres declining to join the party, entreating the party instead with the simple platitude that “Granite protects”. Having delivered the message and got the information the Legatus needed, the Ashen Blades force marched their way back to Hommlet and avoided any encounters.
The next few days were spent in talks with Legion functionaries, establishing the latest rumours, arranging for the Ruined Moathouse to be restored to its former glory (an expensive proposition) and deciding what to do next. The newly joined Anti-Paladin thought that Chainspire Fortress should be scouted, but the rest of the party felt that the coming war could make things dangerous along the banks of the Dee. Instead they opted to follow a rumour picked up in the Tavern at the Castellan’s Keep. An expedition to the Barrow Downs near Deerbye was underway!



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